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Parents and citizens association

Fundraising Achievements 2020

Our school community meets on the fourth Monday of the month for the school P&C meetings, starting at 7.30pm in the school library.

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The Roselea P&C consists of parents, citizens and teachers from the Roselea School Community.

The purpose of the Roselea P&C is to provide a forum where parents, citizens, and teachers can share their ideas and give feedback as to how Roselea Public School can move forward and become a better school community and a rewarding place for both teachers and students to be a part of every day.

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At P&C meetings a number of volunteer run events, fundraising ideas and upcoming news about the school is discussed, creating a transparent collaboration between staff, parents and students.

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P&C News Term 4 2020

Role descriptions 

The P&C has a number of volunteer positions available for parents and carers to take on and be a part of. These roles are voted in for and assigned at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the evening of the first P&C meeting for the year.

Descriptions of some of the P&C's executive positions are available to download below. 

Roselea's parents and citizens auxiliary 

The Roselea Public School Auxiliary is a sub-committee of Roselea's parents and citizens association.

Various activities are organised throughout the year with the focus being to raise much needed funds for our school. These include raffles, gift stalls for Mothers' and Fathers' Day, children's discos and morning teas, just to name a few. 

Funds raised in the past have been used to provide for the purchase of technology devices, reading resources, air conditioning in classrooms, band instruments, sound systems and sporting equipment.

Auxiliary meetings are informal and generally last an hour. Parents are welcome to join in any of the activities, even if you are unable to attend the meetings, by offering your help when the suxiliary promotes an upcoming function through the school newsletter.

As well as fundraising, the auxiliary also supports and oversees the disco committee, student banking and book club. Each of these services raises vital funds and provides resources for our school. Our school receives money for each new account opened through student banking and also for each deposit.

Being part of the auxiliary is a fun way to join the school community, make new friends and be actively involved in your child's school experience.

For further information or to contact the Auxiliary please email: